DTAGS Network

DTAGS Network

Here is a behind the scenes look at the Cisco Meraki based network that is powering a recent project from the DTAGS Hub in Bixby Oklahoma. Most of the video for the project is going through this hub before it is sent on to be broadcast.


There are two MX250 firewalls in an HA pair connected to two synchronous gigabit internet circuits.

The network core switches are a stacked pair of MS350-48LP switches connected at 10 gigabits back to the MX250 firewalls in a redundant configuration. All of the firewalls and switches have redundant power supplies and redundant UPS units. Bright Systems, a Cisco Premier Partner based in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, designed, installed and configured the network infrastructure.





Nice!! It`s the only thing that I have to say! 😄


Pretty cool.



Though, all that money and tech and I see a table top projector....with serious keystone. Hilarious!

That is pretty awesome!

NFL Draft 2020 Firewall Usage.jpg

Firewall usage during the project

Great job Jeff! The stress level is at an all time high for these "live" events! I'm sure your setup was tested thoroughly prior to "go time" but that suspense is pretty incredible just before the real deal. I used to experience that on a weekly basis just before kickoff with the Texans. The stakes are pretty high for the technology to do what it's supposed to do with millions of people watching, and when you're the person responsible to make it work, and blame if something goes wrong, that adrenaline rush is the real deal. Thanks for sharing!

I guess someone wasn't happy with the behind the scenes view and/or association with the specific American only non-round ball league 😉

Someone didn't like their brand being displayed for free, which is totally understandable.


Thanx for sharing !! 💪