New to MI? Start here!

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

New to MI? Start here!

Hello! Are you new to the world of end user experience monitoring using Meraki Insight (MI)? If so, we've got a few resources to help introduce you to the solution.


Getting Started


MI Datasheet - MI Features and Specs

MI Introduction - An overview of the MI solution


General Info


Basic Features


Web App Health - Track web applications and monitor their performance

WAN Health - Monitor ISP uplinks across organization networks

VoIP Health - Monitor network links for the performance of the uplink for VoIP



If you're interested in learning about Meraki's training offerings, be sure to check out The Meraki Learning Hub! There you'll find tons of great information about Meraki led training like CMNA and ECMS.

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The Meraki ECMS exam is now live! Test your knowledge of Meraki and become an official Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist. More info on the ECMS exam found here.

For information regarding all of Meraki's training offerings, be sure to check out the Meraki Learning Hub.
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