hello-hola-oi-nin hao-konichiwa-asalaam aleikum

Here to help

hello-hola-oi-nin hao-konichiwa-asalaam aleikum

I like to think of my self as a Network Super Hero! *insert photo of me with my Meraki green Super Hero Outfit*

(But instead of getting a flashing batman signal on the sky, I get calls/emails and work assignment tickets  to combat the malicious actors menacing our network community.)


For the past 5yrs I've been exercising with Meraki products! *insert photo of me in data center, lifting a full-stack of MS250's, wearing my superhero outfit*


Currently manage 1 organization with 3000+ Meraki devices. *insert photo of me by a blue water beach, lounging on a hammock, phone in left-hand browsing the Meraki app, an adult beverage with little umbrella on the right-hand, and wearing my super hero outfit*


Hoping to gain insight on enemy forces that could threaten my network community.


A fun fact---I don't like to brag, but I do post Missed VPN Connections on craigslist. Period. Exclamation point. 😎


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