Thanks for having me.

Here to help

Thanks for having me.

Hello everyone, I am just starting my journey with this community, I have been a big MERAKI fan for the last decade as it made my life as an IT Manager so much easier! Managing 80 Branches and close to 800 people on the network, I am hoping to learn some new tricks, make some new connections, and help where I can, 

Regards Jeremy 

Here to help

Welcome onboard Jeremy , you're in the right place for any Meraki fan

Thanks for that Naderel

Community Manager

Hi Jeremy, and welcome! Wow, it's great to hear that you've been a longtime fan! What inspired you to join the Community now? It sounds like you have a lot of experience and knowledge to share, so I hope to see you chime in on some of our upcoming challenges. We'll be glad to have you around 😊

I am just setting up my own business and was thinking about the products and people I wanted to associate myself with, and Meraki was at the top of that list, thank you for making me feel welcome. 

Kind of a big deal

@JeremyMcClure : Welcome to the community !

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Thank you 

Kind of a big deal

@JeremyMcClure Welcome, where are you located that way if there are any end users located near you that need support / product they might be able to get in touch with you in private.

Thanks for that Blake, sorry for the delayed reply, I am in Manawatu, Whanganui area in a small town called Bulls, it's ideal for getting to most places as its fairly central to everything and on the main road, cheers Jeremy 

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