Introducing myself


Introducing myself

Hello, community. My name is Marcos Ortiz and I'm a Cloud Data Engineer for Grupo Intercorp, one of the biggest conglomerates in Peru. My experience with Meraki? I just chatted with David van Schravendijk inside the Product Marketing Alliance community, and I heard that Meraki was looking for a Product Marketing Manager focused on Small Businesses.

So, I want to acquire more knowledge here about this segment, and how I can help. 

Fun fact about myself? I live and work in Lima, Peru; but I was born and raised in a little town called Trinidad, in the center of Cuba; where salsa is on in every corner of the city. 🙂

Marcos Ortiz
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome, @marcosluis2186! I am impressed you spelled David's last name correctly; I always struggle with it! :-).


Enjoy the community! We're a friendly bunch.

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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Thanks a lot, @CarolineS. Trying to help SMBs out there to pass this crisis. 

Marcos Ortiz
Getting noticed

In our new reality appreciate all the profile photos with masks.

Hi @QLSteve We need to spread the word about safety and stay healthy. That's why I put this photo profile everywhere: Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Marcos Ortiz
Getting noticed

Welcome to the community @marcosluis2186. 🙂 I found your fun facts about the city of Trinidad and salsa interesting. As it happens my wife is from the island nation of Trinidad. 😄

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