Hi I am Gilbert


Hi I am Gilbert

Hi I m Gilbert, a Network Engineer and a long time user of cisco network (and collaboration)  devices "traditional style
Just getting to know Meraki, as I started working at a company where this is used a LOT.

I have seen Meraki, but never used it a lot, I guess I still need to get used to Cloud managed network devices as a whole. 

I hope to become a specialist in the solutions, but first need to get convinced this is the way forward. I need to know the benefits and the drawbacks of using these solutions.

Fun fact (?) I brew my own beer!

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Hello @GilbertSpoor Welcome to the Meraki community!

Jamie Williams
Delaware City School District
Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@GilbertSpoor : Welcome buddy 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Thanks for joining Gilbert, and I hope the beer is drinkable.  🙂

it sure is 😉 I hardly buy any beers anymore

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Welcome Gilbert, I think you will find that cloud managed is the way forward but I am a little biased now after using Meraki and other cloud managed systems for quite a few years now.


What type of beer do you brew? Ales, lagers? 

Hey man, Thanks! 
The thing with cloud based is that I need to get used to the dependencies, and it is a bit simpler than traditional IOS.

In my previous jobs I worked on many air-gapped environments, but those were more enterprise and governmental. 


But more important, I brew ales usually. Triples, blond beers (belgian style), quadruples and I am brewing a Russian Imperial Stout at the moment. 

Nice, I tried brewing a couple of times, the first was a lager that was only good for tipping down the drain and the second was a Cerveza which wasn't bad and was about 7% alc

Yeah Lagers are quite difficult to brew, as they require low temperatures during fermentation. never tried it though..

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