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I recently took over management of a Meraki network with about 300 devices, mostly MS and MX, with just a few sites that have MR APs.


I have a fairly strong background with Cisco switches, routers, and firewalls, but this job is my first exposure to Meraki.  I've been reading all of the documentation and I've spent a good bit of time reading through the Community, so I figured it was time to join.  I can already tell the community will be a valuable resource.


I'm returning to the IT Networking field after about 16 years working in the Television industry as a Broadcast Engineer, so I'm sure this will be interesting.




Kind of a big deal

@Russ_B : Welcome to the community. 

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Welcome @Russ_B .  I totally get what you are going through.  I left the comm-tower industry about 4 years ago and am now working with Meraki and Dell endpoints.  A far cry from Cisco switches and back-haul licensed radios.

Kind of a big deal

Welcome @Russ_B, this is a great source of information. Just post your questions and normally someone knows the answer.

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