VoIP Health

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

VoIP Health

For those with Meraki Insight there is now a beta for VoIP health.  You can open a support ticket to go onto this.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

At last something useful for Insight.  Saw this on the quarterly and thought it a good idea

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Seems to be a "closed" beta, thanks for sharing once again @PhilipDAth

Here to help

This is a great feature!
I really want to use the beta version.

Finally MI VoIP Health is now available as GA .
⁃ Meraki Insight VoIP Health feature is now available as GA under Insight tab.
⁃ This feature is capable of monitoring link performance for VoIP traffic from MX to SIP server.
⁃ Current function supports all cloud-based VoIP provider whos SIP server IP address or URL is known.

We use SIP/TLS - so I wasn't very confident - but it seems to be monitoring it!

Would be nice if this supported a customers on premise servers via an AutoVPN

@ToddB  Make a wish 😀

I figured out what the server address is for my Cisco Webex Calling cloud registered phone.

Press the settings button on the phone.

Press the button for phone information (6 on my 8845 phone)

Scroll down and you will see the active server hostname (cms-vip-a-03-internal.na-prod1.huron-dev.com on my phone)

Enter this as the hostname in VOIP Health.

Be patient, it took a little while for it start showing up on the VOIP Health screen.


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