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What is DNS layer protection(Cisco protection) and how can i set it on a cisco meraki MR30H. Thanks 

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Hi Billy,


There are two paths you can follow.


  1. Buy umbrella licenses manually and integrate MR with Umbrella:
  2. Or buy MR Advanced licenses for your MR's instead of ENT licenses. You need to be on the per-device licensing system for that. More info here:


The type of MR doesn't really matter.

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@Billy254     DNS layer protection or security is a way of protecting internate's infrastructure by blocking malicious and 

unwanted domains, IP addresses and cloud Application before a connection is ever established and cisco uses a cloud solution called cisco umbrella  which does this function


kindly you really need to be familiar with umbrella and even have your umbrella trials and then you can learn the integration with meraki


the below links will guide you on how to do the integration

 Manually Integrating Cisco Umbrella with Meraki Networks


please note there free trials for this during this time so you can take advantage of it

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