SIP phones keep try to register

Getting noticed

SIP phones keep try to register

I have MX67, and MS120-24P switch in two locations similar setup

And we have issue that the Phones keep try to register to the server and keep drop calls in both locations 

Not sure what we can check as its straight forward setup

Any idea about have such issues ?

The SIP company is dsmtel

Kind of a big deal

Have you set any firewall rules, IDS/IPS, content filtering or port forwarding?


Have you done a packet capture to see what is happening?


Have you tried a phone bypassing Meraki or on another network to be sure Meraki is the culprit?



We disabled all the security features for troubleshooting purpose  IPS, AMP, And content filtering 

And from the log the Phones keep request to register and the received OK acknowledge, then request to register again and again  

Kind of a big deal

SIP/UDP can be problematic.  Is that what you are using?  If so, can you change to using SIP/TLS or SIP/TCP?


Does your MX have two WAN circuits or a cellular failover circuit?


As @BrandonS say, check under:

Security & SD-WAN/Security Centre/MX Events

And see if anything interesting is listed.


Anything interesting in the phone logs?

We have only one WAN ISP connection and Cellarer data 

Kind of a big deal

Hi @HaniAbuelkhair . We have a ton of customers using SIP Phones on hosted platforms with no issues.


Sounds like your internet pipe is inadequate for the purpose of hosted telephony.


Maybe try a separate internet conx solely for telephony. So your phones use one pipe and data out the other.

Darren O'Connor |

I'm not an employee of Cisco/Meraki. My posts are based on Meraki best practice and what has worked for me in the field.
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