Meraki MX 64 Slow internet

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Meraki MX 64 Slow internet

Hello, I have been using meraki for more than 2 years no.i have noticed that whenever i switch to my old routre (Mikrotik motherboard) the connect tends to be faster than when i am running under my meraki router mx 64. i have been working on traffic shaping and other type of filtering but still slow compare to mikrotik.

so which are the desired configuration for my network know that i have only 2 Mbps up/down? 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Also slow with filtering, IDS and AMP disabled?

duplex and speed setting on the wan port and upstream device are the same?

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i don't get what you are saying

Is content filtering enabled?
Is IPS enabled?
Is AMP enabled?


These settings will have an effect on the performance of the MX?.


Also make sure the WAN port has the same speed and duplex settings as the Upstream device it is connecting to.

check these speed 2.pngspeed.pngtraffic.png

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Under Security Appliance > Configure > Traffic shaping, what is your Uplink configuration set to? If you have it set to the full 2 Gbps, your device could be trying to pull bandwidth that it is incapable of doing. You should set this to the actual speeds you are paying for (I learned this from support a few months back).


Additionally, there is a section for Global bandwidth limits which sets a per-client limit. What is that set to? This could be affecting your speed if it is set too low.


And of course, like everyone is saying, check the duplex setting on the uplink connection.

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please look at this pictures speed 2.pngspeed.pngtraffic.png

Why would you set email (a non-real-time application, in the vast majority of environments) to high priority?    It might be a very important application, but if an email is delayed in delivery, by just a few seconds, it makes no difference.   Emails with significant attachments will slow down your real-time applications significantly.   Maybe make it low priority and apply a bandwidth limit?

@Eliudprom  What is the actual speed of your connection that you are paying for?

I just re-read your initial post, to be honest I wouldn't expect to be able to do anything like streaming or downloading large files with a 2Mbps connection. Really you are just going to be limited to web browsing and emails.

check thesespeed 2.pngspeed.pngtraffic.png

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You have WAN 1 set to 2Mbps on the uplink config. So you're only going to get 2Mb of throughput from the MX. You need to set that to the correct value of your WAN speed. 


there are a lots of loss rate.  Check the uplink cable and the cable modem.  Try to ping from the security appliance tool. 

This resolved the same issue I was having on an MX60 after an internet speed upgrade. Thank you

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Check on Speed limit under network shaping.  I ran into this issue before. Security->configuration->Traffic Shaping.  Under Uplink Configuration: Set WAN 1 to 2 Mbps.  Global Bandwidth Limits per-client-limit to unlimited.

Hope this help.

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And what speed is your internet?  MX is only good up to 250M.  If you have a really large pipe then the MX will be undersized.  

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MX100 model, WAN uplink configuration is up to 1Gbps.  If you have service more than 250M, then you may think to upgrade to MX100 or MX400.

It just depend on our locations, some locations we have over 100M, some we have under 100M Service.  We have all different model of MX.

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check thesespeed 2.pngspeed.pngtraffic.png

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