How to Configuration Fully Redundant (Multiple Switches)

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How to Configuration Fully Redundant (Multiple Switches)

I want to set up Fully Redundant as in the picture.
1. MX. A and MX. B  To MS. What settings do I need?
2. Uplinks  MS to MX, what settings do I have to set?
3. Uplinks  between MS to MS, what setting must be set?
Device list
MX64 = 2
MS120-24 = 2


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I think the main important setting elements are as follows.


* Configure Warm-Spare for Meraki MX device redundancy; Warm Spare operates in Active Standby.


  MX Warm Spare - High-Availability Pair - Cisco Meraki


* Meraki MX does not speak STP. Meraki MX transmits received BPDUs transparently.

  Therefore, Meraki MS runs STP for loop prevention purposes (Default value: Enabled).
  Note that Meraki MX does not have LAG feature.


  MX Layer 2 Functionality - Cisco Meraki


I think the other setting elements (VLANs, WAN Load Balancing, etc.) are up to your network design.

Kind of a big deal

As said above, this is fundamentally possible but you will have a loop. STP will block 2 of the ports during normal operation but they should come active in the event of a failure (at which point there would no longer be a loop).

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Personally, I only connect an MX to a single switch.  I have experienced two many outages due to spanning tree connecting an MX to two different switches.


What's the point of HA if it increases unplanned downtime.

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