Integrating Cisco IOT/Industrial Ethernet switches in a Meraki Environment

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Integrating Cisco IOT/Industrial Ethernet switches in a Meraki Environment

For various reasons, I'm looking at using some Cisco IoT/IE switches in an otherwise Meraki environment, with IoT devices added. Does anybody have any experience with this range of switches, they appear to be quite configurable, as well as working out of the box with a 24v power supply sitting on a DIN rail (desirable in many environments)? They could possibly be used in unventilated spaces as their operating range is -40°C to +70°C. I could have done with this type of kit when we were developing in-motion weighing of carcasses on killing chains, and now I am looking at putting them in race boats and hospital crash carts, so versatile.
Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel
Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Yes @Uberseehandel feel free to PM me for specifics, I've worked with Cisco IE 2k/3k switches on multiple designs when I supported certain public sector customers like Highway/Turnpike authorities and DOTs who used them in roadway cabinets for example.  Let me know what you were looking for and will see if I can help.  I'm a few years removed from working with the IE switches directly but will certainly help if I can.



Thanks for getting back to me. I'll put the race boat applications on one side right now (they tend to get stuck in and find out for themselves as most of the engineers are polymaths and hyphenates). But the health applications are the ones I'm planning on investigating first.


Before doing anything, we have noise and fire/explosion risk issues to address for health applications. Anything electrical must be demonstrably not a risk. So any data on these factors would be helpful. An indifference to radiation would also help (one less thing to check for). Any appropriate customer stories would help - not many techos in IT in the NHS.

I don't think there are any FHIR implications for this type of hardware, as long as there are some APIs to allow an interface to the NIS.

I guess the fire/explosion issue is something that has to be addressed in most infrastructure projects.


I'm grateful for your interest.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

Got it @Uberseehandel at first I thought you were asking about ATEX directives and installing the Cisco IE switching gear in hazardous or explosive environments.  Sounds more about installing IE switches into a healthcare environment, and being able to show that the switch itself does not pose any risk.  For example it is not radiation sensitive, doesn't generate a spark under certain conditions when there is pure oxygen nearby, things of that nature.


My past IE installations were things like switches in roadway cabinets (or sometimes on outdoor poles) where there are extreme temperatures, constant vibration, bad weather, etc.  This sounds like the inverse, not deploying a switch into a harsh environment, but into a sensitive environment.


You'll want to go through the various data sheet specs related to UL ratings and safety certifications, immunity standards for industrial environments, IEC standards for shock/vibration, corrosive ratings, etc. and it will be critical to follow the installation guides exactly when it comes to proper external grounding for example.


I'd engage with your local Cisco sales team and have them sync you up with someone in the IE switching business unit who has done hospital designs and installations to make sure nothing is being overlooked.

@MerakiDave wrote:


I'd engage with your local Cisco sales team and have them sync you up with someone in the IE switching business unit who has done hospital designs and installations to make sure nothing is being overlooked.

In the UK, my experience is that the NHS doesn't plan design, they reluctantly budget for it. My previous experience with health departments and hospital groups has been quite different and we were world leading in terms of solution delivery and technology adoption. I still recall the call from one of the TLA US Federal agencies asking us how we did something. They would never call the NHS, for anything.


Which is a long way of saying, I'd be (pleasantly) surprised if there is much Cisco Group kit in NHS hospitals.


The race and support boat applications will be very like what you are used to, Health is a different matter. Previously, when organising kit, I have lent towards fanless solid state designs, still do. To be honest, I'm not sure what the UK situation on using PoE in fire risk environments is, but there is bound be a standard! Incidentally, whilst spending a couple of months at a Hospital/Research Institute in London I was program runner for the use of 3D printed applied tattoos for oncology treatment delivery, that was interesting.

Robin St.Clair | Principal, Caithness Analytics | @uberseehandel

Can you please comment on any sort of Meraki IE kit?  I have areas that are looking to leverage the Mearki Cloud and a Meraki IE switch would be interesting.


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