File transfer via wireless MR is so slow

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File transfer via wireless MR is so slow

I have problems with file transfer via wireless MR.

In case I'm connect client(A) via wireless MR and client(B) connect wireless too. I'm start file sharing in client(A) and define client(B) receive file from client(A) is so slowly.

But in case I'm connect client(A) via wireless MR and client(B) connect via LAN port on Switch MS in same network-wide speed transfer file is not problem.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

mr-xx? what speed you get? both cliënts on 5ghz? what snr value are your cliënts reporting on the dashboard? what ping values you get from client to ap?

Kind of a big deal

I have the same questions as @ww.  Also not if they are both on the same band and the same AP that the throughput will be halved, as WiFi is a unidirectional medium.


To send data from one machine to another it first has to be sent to the AP, the AP has to buffer it, and then when there is free airtime it has to send it to the destination.


Big file transfers between WiFi hosts is never going to be efficient.

A further question what wireless speeds do the clients support 802.11AC, 802.11N or are they slower? If one is AC and one is N the transfer speed will only go as fast as the slowest client.


Is normal use i.e. web browsing, email, streaming youtube OK? if not I would say you may have an interference issue. 


An Philip mentioned Wireless isn't the best option if you are transferring large files.
Here to help

Thank you for response.
I have MR42 2 devices and MR42E 3 devices of 150 client device.
I get speed 300 kbps of transfer file 200 MB via wireless to wireless.
I'm not sure both are on the same band 5 ghz.
SNR 30-40 dB in dashborad.
I'm thinking it's possible to have problems with SMB protocol for transfer file.

Speed to use web browser, youtube and streaming is OK maybe not problem from interference.

Are you transferring a single 200mb file or lots of files that equal 200mb?
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