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Force OSX Upgrade to MOJAVE

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Force OSX Upgrade to MOJAVE

Hello, Is there a way to force OSX to upgrade to mojave? I tried to force install the mojave setup application but my users are able to dismiss the notification and then nothing happens. How is the best way to force the installation of new osX versions?

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Re: Force OSX Upgrade to MOJAVE

Hi @Filippo as far as I am aware you cannot force this as it required an adminstrators password to install and required going through the installation steps. 

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Re: Force OSX Upgrade to MOJAVE

There are a couple of methods you can use, but definitely with some caveats.


1. If the Mac is enrolled in DEP and is running 10.13.4 (or later) you can use the Software Update command on an individual client page in the Meraki dashboard. It should appear in the same grouping as remote desktop/remote lock/etc on the client page. This is super manual however, I don't know of a Meraki-supported way to do this in batches.


2. You can use startosinstall as part of the macOS Mojave installer, however Meraki would also need to support this in some way to remotely push out. You could use an app management tool like Munki to force an update with startosinstall, as an example.

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