Ping test response data issue

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Ping test response data issue


I am working on a script that will perform a ping test between every site/network in our organisation and return the results.

ping_result_response = requests.get(f"{MERAKI_API_URL}{ping_result_url}", headers=headers,
verify=f"{root_path}/Cisco Umbrella Root CA.crt")
ping_result_json = ping_result_response.json()
if ping_result_json['status'] == 'complete':
ping_result_json = ping_result_response.json()

However after I do the GET request I don't seem to get teh full results. This is an example

{'pingId': '000000000000000', 'url': '/devices/0000-0000-0000/liveTools/ping/00000000000000', 'request': {'serial': '0000-0000-0000', 'target': '', 'count': '3'}, 'status': 'complete', 'results': {'sent': 3, 'received': 3, 'loss': {'percentage': 0}}}

The results cut off without displaying the "latencies" or "replies" key/dictionary 


Any ideas what the problem is? 


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Just noticed - only some of the ping results are incomplete. Many return the full data but some only return up to "results" and miss "latencies" etc 


It seems the pings where data is missing all involve pings to or from 1 particular site.

I ran the ping ID of the odd sites pings manually through the meraki api dashboard and sure enough, the api is not returning the data 😛

all im getting is 

"pingId": "111111111111111111111111",
"url": "/devices/1111-1111-1111/liveTools/ping/111111111111111111111111",
"request": {
"serial": "1111-1111-1111",
"target": "",
"count": "3"
"status": "complete",
"results": {
"sent": 3,
"received": 3,
"loss": { "percentage": 0 }

If the status is complete and the pings were successful, why is there no latency data?

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi @Adrian4, are you still seeing similar behavior?
The issue should be resolved now but please do check on your side.


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