Organisation device statuses "dormant" and "alerting" - What do they actually mean?

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Organisation device statuses "dormant" and "alerting" - What do they actually mean?

The endpoint:  /organizations/{organizationId}/devices/statuses/overview has return values: "online": 5, "alerting": 2, "offline": 0, "dormant": 2


To me, online and offline are self-explanatory, but what situations would set the state to dormant or alerting?

Specifically in the context of an Appliance (Meraki MX)


I'm trying to make a determination of if either of these states should be treated more like online or offline or something else.




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Dormant is a device that you have added to your inventory but not connected or has been offline for over a week. and alerting is a device thats online but has an issue i.e. network configuration or something that could be causing issues with it communicating with the dashboard properly. 

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