Meraki APIs and SharePoint

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Meraki APIs and SharePoint

I am exploring how can we use Meraki APIs and pull/push data on to a SharePoint page. The idea is to create a dashboard on SharePoint page to pull/push configs/settings/statistics from Meraki Dashboard to SharePoint Page.

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Hello @Waheed-Ali,


You can script the code however you want using the API Endpoints provided and the result can be loaded to any website or application that you desire. You would basically need the API Key generated on your profile and have the administrative privileges to run them. 


I am not sure how the scripting would work on SharePoint. I used python to write a simple script of my own to use these API Endpoints and play around. Take a look at it.


Let me know if you have any questions.



Meraki Team

Dear Seshu,

This is really helpful. I will get back to you, if some further help is needed. Much appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Seshu,


Since I am new with APIs so I took my time to test and try different APIs and how they work. Now the problem I came across is "Access-Control-Allow-Origin". What I basically want is get/put requests from a SharePoint site but this "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" is what we get. And I have realized this to work we need a node server python/js. Which at first place I didnt want to have.

What I want is to run the API call directly or indirectly (through a script lying on the same or different web location) from the SharePoint site, without the need of a VM/Container where I host Node.

Tell me is that doable or not?

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