Customize fields for user identification

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Customize fields for user identification

Hello all! 


We are having the need to quickly know WHERE the "Guest" user was created (Network A or B) for identification and organization purposes. The "Network-Wide" >>"User" list does not provide that info nor has a column that we can add that has that information so ALL our users regardless of where they accessed and created their account just show up on the same list. 


Is there a way to modify the splash screen to add required "location" and "badge" numbers and append that to the "Name", which ends up being the description anyway. At least then we could somewhat filter. 


Thank you for your input! 

Kind of a big deal

A guest user created in "Network A" does not show up in "Network B".  Guest users are not organization wide.


There is no way to add additional columns such as location or badge with the built in system.



The only way to achieve this would be to use a custom hosted splash page. 

Hey Philip! ... well... they show up on my dashboard... and according to Meraki support this is "by design" to which I didn't agree as it does not make sense. Yet I'm stuck with Guest ambassadors from Network A able to see users registered on Network B and able to authorize them for the other network if they so choose to. 


I'll follow your link and see if I can pull that off. Then again, I feel like I should not need to do any of this. But the only way I have for my ambassadors to know is to at least append on the "Description" a "location".


Thanks for your reply I appreciate the time and to know I'm not crazy for thinking/expecting that!

I just had an idea that might work.


You would take a look at setting up an SSID for billing access using pre-paid cards.  You would need to configure it for "fast prepaid".

With this you would print out a bunch of cards each with a unique code.  You give these to reception.  When a guest wants access you give them the card with the code on it.  At the point you give the person the code you can record whatever you want in a notebook.


Obviously you wouldn't actually charge the users for the cards ... 

That is a great workaround! ... let me educate myself on the details and this can work! 


Thank you SO MUCH!!

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