MV Motion WebHook

Kind of a big deal

MV Motion WebHook

I'm trying to use motion baswed Web Hooks.




However when an event gets detected I get this JSON.

{ timestamp: 1573459402.825,
motionRecapEnabled: true,
isSpyglass: true,
imageEnabled: false,
imageUrl: null } }


Some things of note - I have motion recap disabled in the GUI, but the JSON says it is enabled.  Also "imageEnabled" is false - shouldn't this be true?


And the imageURL is always "null".  I never get a link to the image that caused the motion alert.


What am I missing?

Kind of a big deal

My guess is motion recap is always enabled and cannot be turned off, motion recap images however can be disabled. 



Motion recap at a guess is most likely required to perform a motion search. The recap image is a compilation of images that show the full motion caputred in a single event.
Kind of a big deal

For any other poor person trying to use this (like me) as of now (November 2019) the imageURL field is not populated if you create a customised alert (such as for motion alerts).


It only works if you define the alert globally.  You just have to ditch all the other alerts you don't want in your code.

Please just shoot me now.


Ok so it now returns an imageURL.  It is a signed Amazon S3 URL - good.  I can't retrieve it.  I just get a permission denied.  Bad.

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