API to export video from Meraki cameras

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API to export video from Meraki cameras

Hi guys,

I have a use case wherein I need to export of clip of a certain duration using the API by specifying the clip start time, clip end time (in epoch or any other format).

I have gone through the API documentation and have found just this API


This API allows me to watch the recorded footage from a particular time, but doesnt give me a clip.

Have I missed anything while going through the documentation?

Any help is appreciated


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Head in the Cloud

I do not think there is any way to get a clip via API.


IMO it's unlikely that Meraki would enable this through the Dashboard API as that would require the video to transit Dashboard itself.


The link from the endpoint takes you to a web page, a workaround would be to write code to visit the page and use it to export the clip, but it could break whenever the page has a design change so it's not a good solution.


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