SSO On Mobile App


SSO On Mobile App


Our group is trialing out SSO using LastPass, and while we were able to get it going easily on the web, it seems like it broke our mobile access through the App. I'm asking to see if anyone has had any luck with getting the Mobile App to work with LastPass's SAML SSO, or if people have had luck using another SSO implementation. Our Techs would like to be able to access the dashboard from their phone still, without resorting to the mobile web view. 

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Kind of a big deal

The app does not have SAML functionality 😞

I'm sorry to hear that, but thanks for the response.

Any idea if this is going to be implemented in the near future?


Is it on the roadmap yet, to enable the Meraki mobile app to work with SAML SSO? The mobile app was working until we integrated the Meraki Dashboard with our SSO provider today.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hey @jem_isa and all, I'm one of the Product Managers at Meraki looking after the Mobile App. Your requests for SSO are not falling upon deaf ears! This is something that is top of mind for us that we are actively exploring to provide the best solution for. Stay tuned 😄 


Please put more emphasis on this app. It’s extremely handy for many of us. It might be top if mind but it seems like it’s on the bottom of someone’s “to do list” from a development and “non/beta” version standpoint. I lost access to my my “Organizations” when I added any new ones and had configured the Cisco SecureX  feature. 
With what we are all paying in licensing fees on product, this is a wonderful “plus” when it works. 


Hey @joe , it's been 6+m since your comment of this feature being top of mind for dev. Any updates or ETA?

Very sore spot in admin functionality

Thank you

Any updates on the SSO? We are using this to setup access to cameras and the users want to be able to log in to the app.


Just keeping this topic alive - We too experienced this issue recently where we integrated an SSO provider via SAML against 30 meraki tenant's we administer. As painful as it is to set up 40 techs into 15 Azure accounts (15x40=600... yes I manually imported 600 accounts....) I had finally completed the transition.


However, as of today found that the Meraki Mobile App does not support SSO which is quite annoying as if technician's are onsite, they're able to see via their mobile phones quite quickly though this app that the firewall has bricked itself during a firmware upgrade. So requesting this feature to be implemented.


Our company has wanting this feature also. It would be very much appreciated by the customer base. 


Also looking for SSO functionality in the app.  We've got tons of cameras and no way to have them displayed on iPads at the front desks.  How has this request gone on for YEARS, with no movement?

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@joe any update for us?  The lack of SSO in the mobile app is really frustrating from an administrative standpoint, and frankly I'm disappointed that a company as large and security focused as Cisco Meraki isn't leading the pack on this. 


Even more frustrating is that SSO users cannot have the same email address as an email (local password) user. So not only do we have to use a separate password, but we have to create an email alias for each one of our admins, that is only used for logging into the Meraki app.


Your app may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but without an integrated sign on experience it's a useless icon on my home screen.

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@joe It's been soon 2½ year and no update no news no nothing. Please share information on the progress of implementing SSO to the app. I think it's crucial to all users of the app.

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For the record, many large compliance bound companies require MFA / SSO for access to critical systems as it enables conditional access rules to trigger and adds an external logging function.  As great as it is,  If the SSO feature is not added to the mobile app, its really not useful to many of us. 


I will also point out, its 2022.   Is there anyone still on the product team at Meraki driving deliverables and updates?  

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Meraki Employee

Hey All!

The day has come! Please check out this link for instructions on how to sign up for the private beta of Mobile SAML! 

cc @Longhorn  @ether @MajorReb @BKT @Tuvestam @jem_isa @MarcusB @LukeH @MJ2 @JGill 





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Hi Joe, do you know what your policy is in accepting people into this beta? I have our MSP portal configured to use SAML at the moment (Azure AD) and filled the form in a couple of weeks ago because our staff would like to use the mobile app and SP-initiated login, but haven't heard anything back yet.


Joe / how did this BETA go?  This no longer allows us to sign up.  This is a big pain point still for us. 

Looks like this is live now as an opt-in but the iOS app hasn't updated yet to reflect the new feature


Still looking for support here, Mobile App doesn't work after SAML integration of Dashboard.  (Android)  Just keeps saying email/password combination invalid, forgot password email send vehicle never reaches inbox or SPAM.



I think with the latest update there is a button for SSO. Before you hade to klick on the logo 3-5 times. And then you enter your SSo subdomain.

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