Organization information with alerts

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Organization information with alerts

Is there any way of getting the organization name in the alert information? Right now only the name of the device is included but when you have several customers this creates a problem since there's no way of knowing which customer the device belongs to.


Johnny Nilsson

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Hi Johnny,

I believe the default "Alerting" process of Meraki includes information about the "Network" and the "Device" in most of the cases.


However Webhooks and SNMP do offer better reporting options.


You may consider referring following Urls for more information. (If already not)!introduction/overview



Thanks for the input :).

I'll investigate further and explore the different options.



Kind of a big deal

All of our Meraki dashboard alerts include Network name. I'm looking at a heap right now, across several categories. (Uplink status change, appliance or wireless or switch went up/down, rogue AP, rogue DHCP)


If you don't have the org name in the network name, I'd start there. Use an abbreviation for the org name if you have to. We've got one client that's got a name like Alaskan Mountain Salmon, so their networks are named "AMS Location". AMS Juneau, AMS SF, etc. etc.


You can script changing it across a client. Here's roughly how I'd do it on a one org at a time way. In a vaguely Pythonic way. It's early.


Args: API key, org name for lookup, org abbreviation for prepending to network names


1. Pull list of networks for the org

2. Check networkObj['name'] to see if it starts with your org abbreviation

3. If it doesn't, create a tempName = f"{orgAbbrev}{networkObj['name']}

    networkObj['name'] = tempName

    The push the entire networkObj back up

4. Repeat until you run out of networks to check.

Kind of a big deal

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