Network in warning status while it has the latest stable version???

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Network in warning status while it has the latest stable version???



In the section Firmware upgrades I see that a number of my networks has a warning status.

When checking why, I can't figure out why it is in a warning status as it has the latest stable version???


I see the latest stable version for switches is MS 14.33.1, and that is the version on active on the switches in the networks with a warning status? As these are production network i don't want to upgrade to a "stable release candidate". 


Is there a way to get rid of the warning state? As I can't upgrade, as the latest stable version is the already installed version!.


How to solve this?


Kind regards,

Thijs van Yperen

Thijs van Yperen
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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I'm with you - I don't like seeing a warning when you ARE running the latest stable firmware.  I personally feel that Meraki should not classify this as a warning case.


Perhaps if Meraki wants to bring this to people's attention they should create an additional alert type - "Info".  A "FYI" - there is a new stable release candidate available.

Building a reputation

Agree. Have had to explain this to Security and Management teams several times over the years.

Here to help

I have a date with my warring. I tried looking in the release notes and searching on this forum for possible reasons.

2023-03-15_12-54-54.jpgI agree with you; I don't want to jump to a stable release candidate unless there is a security issue or something similar. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

15.21 is now out and marked as stable, so they are legitimate warnings now, but as stated were there before with no newer stable release.  I think it is due to some non-stable releases being marked as such when they have been superseded, see below when we know that 15.18 and 15.20 were never a stable release:




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