Move a network from one organization to another

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Move a network from one organization to another

What is the best way to move a network from one organization to another? I know that licenses and devices can be easily moved, but is there a way to move a whole network?


I'm not even sure how I'd do it manually by re-creating the network in the destination organization. With a switch for example, I can't configure individual ports until the switch is present in the new network, but if I move it to the new network then I lose the ability to see what it's configuration was in the old network.


Do I have to manually document every single bit of device configuration on the existing network before I start moving devices? I'm thinking this would lead to a lot of downtime.


I may have to do this for several networks, hoping to find some way to automate or at least avoid the potential for human error.

Kind of a big deal



It is not possible to do, but I think a good way should be to export the configurations using APIs and then import them. Take a look at this link 

I'll have a look at this, thanks.

Kind of a big deal

Get in touch with support, if I remember correctly, they can help out.

I thought this was the case as well, but the support engineer I spoke with said all they can do is help move devices/licenses, nothing regarding configuration.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Meraki Employee

There doesn't appear to be a way to automate it as far as I know. You might want to look into creating a template for the new target network that would have your established config from your old one. 



Interesting. In terms of minimizing downtime this seems like the best solution. Allows me to fully configure the destination network before having to move devices or licenses.


Any gotchas you can think of with this method?

No gotchas I can think of. But I'm going to assume you're prob moving an MX, I've used this doc before. Might want to take a look and read through it:


There are other docs for different devices though so might want to take a look beforehand just in case. 


Something I do just in practice is taking screenshots of the info I need and saving them with the device name/page so I can go back and do it. You made mention of ports and stuff. This doc is helpful to create a switch profile for ports:


 Looks like switch profiles are good for the same switches/same ports so might want to take that into consideration for deployment. 





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