Meraki license about to expire. Does everything really turn off when it expires?


Meraki license about to expire. Does everything really turn off when it expires?


I am currently in the process of negotiating with a vendor to renew my Meraki license, however my license expires in 2 days.

I know that in the faq it says that ".... once your account expires, your products will stop functioning."

However, the provider tells me that if the Meraki licenses expire, I lose the management of Meraki, but the network keeps working for another fifteen days.

Can someone with similar experience confirm this please? Or can you tell me your experience? My license type is co-termination

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Once expired the 30 day grace period should kick in. As long as you work out your vendor issues before another 30 days lapse you’ll be fine. 

Ryan / Meraki Solutions Engineer

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Kind of a big deal

Intressting... seems like he will get you under pressure... 30 days grace period, after last day.

A model citizen

I have intentionally run out of licenses in Co-Term for verification purposes.
My environment at the time was Meraki MX, MS, MR.
In that case, splash page was displayed when accessing the Internet.
Presumably, this is a mitigation measure to allow Meraki to renew its license.
It is not explicitly stated, so I don't think it is a guaranteed behavior.
Also, as expected, the file server in the LAN is no longer accessible.
One thing I can say for sure is that the service impact is certain to occur after the grace period.
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