Issues with claiming devices using the Meraki Order number - Recently failed - Used to work

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Issues with claiming devices using the Meraki Order number - Recently failed - Used to work

Previous to this week I used to claim all our new devices using the Meraki order number.


However this week it's started to fail.


I logged a TAC case and asked if  there were issues and my reply was to add them using the serial numbers.


Anyone else seeing issues. TAC have not advised if this is an issue to be fixed or they have taken this feature away.



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We've definitely not removed it. Claiming by SO is the preferred way. I've claimed some SOs recently, but maybe more than 1 week ago. Just to make sure, you didn't previously claim any of the serials or license key contained within the SO number correct? Because that does not work as it causes an overlap and won't take.

Thanks for the prompt reply. They have never been previously claimed. I've been trying to claim 4 different orders in the last few days and all of them fail.  Used to work last week.
I'll see if TAC get back to me.



If you want to PM your org URL to me I can also take a peek

Kind of a big deal

Not experienced that one to date!  Always claim using license key.

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I'm not an employee of Cisco/Meraki. My posts are based on Meraki best practice and what has worked for me in the field.

I experienced a couple of times an order of Meraki gear dropping in on several Meraki Order numbers. One Meraki Order number only contained cables etc, and wouldn't claim (since there was nothing to "claim").


I'd doublecheck the shipping label with what devices thave been shipped with the Meraki Order number. If there is something to claim, the Order no should work.

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Kind of a big deal

Just a note that from when you get your email with the order number that it can take many hours before you can claim the order number.  I find you need to wait at least 2 hours, minimum.


I bet if you try again after waiting it will work.

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Having same issue with last 2 orders

Kind of a big deal

I have had support come back to me saying there is a known issue with claiming orders at the moment.

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