How to get additional new equipment out of Dormant state


How to get additional new equipment out of Dormant state


I have a network that has been running for a while, and this past week I have added 7 more pieces of equipment (layer 2 switch, layer 3 switch, 2 point to point wifi, 3 waps). These are all connected but they still have the orange light, indicating that they have not communicated with Meraki yet, and my dashboard shows them as "Dormant". Status of each also shows that the devices have not connected yet, too.

Am I missing a step here? I thought that once I claimed the device via S/N and assigned licensing, they should become active parts of the network (at this point needing further configuration.)

Meraki tech phone support has been super busy so I thought I would check here.



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Devices only become active once they connect to the Meraki cloud over the internet... Also they will go into a dormant state if thy haven't connected in more than a week.

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Have you added the kit to a Meraki network (as opposed to just claiming them into your inventory)?

@GagnonCo Can you please post a screenshot of what you are seeing please.




I have all the equipment wired together, with new MS120-48p into the old MS120-48p, and from the new MS120-48p to the first MR74, which will be used with the second MR74 as a repeater, which is then wired to the the MS250-24p. I have not turned on the 3 new MR33 yet, so they would not be expected to show up.


Hi GagnonCo,


Something similar happens to me

Did you find the solution to your problem?

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@Coyote, if the devices aren't coming online in the Dashboard then its most likely that they don't have connectivity to the Meraki Cloud from their management interface. You just need to figure out where the connectivity is broken. You may be able to glean some information as to what the issue is from the local status page on the device, details are here:

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