Here we go again... (dashboard alerting incorrectly)

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Here we go again... (dashboard alerting incorrectly)

Just has had a panic, one site APs going offline. Then another. And another. Then mine went offline, which clearly they are not. Panic over. 


These issues/incorrect alert errors are becoming more frequent. What's going on at Meraki?

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indeed. Very annoying. On serveral networks in our tenant various AP's stopped communicating with Meraki Cloud. Some of them do communicate again, some don't.

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It varies by week for us (43 MRs, 28.6.1). Some weeks, no offline APs. Others, I'll get 1-5 in a day. Some regain connection quickly/automatically, others I have to cycle the port switch to reboot the switch. There is no pattern to it. Fortunately, as of now, it has yet to impact our school operations, meaning I'm assuming a nearby AP takes over those clients when one fails.

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At the moment all AP's are communicating as they should.
For now, case closed


Hi- I've just posted about something similar- random drops of APs on the dashboard, showing as offline. 


Also seeing some sites take hours for the status of APs to recover from a connection drop, despite successfully working on site. I know the more recent firmwares have moved away from port 7351 as their main cloud comms:


  • While Meraki appliances have traditionally relied on UDP port 7351 for cloud communication and TCP ports 80 and 443 for backup communications, with MX 16 we are beginning a transition to using TCP port 443 as the primary means for cloud connectivity. In order to ensure proper connectivity to the Meraki cloud after this upgrade, please ensure that traffic using TCP port 443 between is allowed through any firewalls that may be deployed upstream of your Meraki appliances.


but may be overthinking this....


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