Global Overview Public Beta Live

Kind of a big deal

Global Overview Public Beta Live

@JesseN , how do we access the new global overview?

Meraki Employee

The Global Overview can be accessed from the MSP Portal page.  It has opt-in process that is self managed.

I can opt-in when logged in as a non-SAML user, but the opt-in process doesn't work when I use a SAML account, it just dumps me into the last network I viewed. The error on the Edge console is:


POST 500 (Internal Server Error)
Meraki Employee

Thank you for reporting this JonnyM.  We are aware of this error and are currently working on a fix.  I'll keep you updated and let you know when there is a fix for SAML users.

It looks like this feature is working now 🙂

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Yes, we tested and pushed out a fix for this yesterday afternoon.  I have been testing with partners today to make sure that there are no edge cases.  Thank you for testing!

Kind of a big deal

How do we report bugs ? Is the ''submit feedback button'' enough ?

Thank you for the good questions everyone.  Bugs can be reported using the normal support process.  Unless it is a simple error, the feedback tool would not be able to give enough context for a bug to be worked on.  

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Hey awesome people,

Speaking of raising stuff with Support, I'd recommend grabbing browser console logs and HAR files for issues with this new page, and attach them to the case, so we can process stuff quickly and efficiently! 😁


Thank you!


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I like the concept of this page, but I'm a single entity end-user. I should not see labels/references to MSP.

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