Firmware Upgrade failed

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Firmware Upgrade failed

Firmware Upgrade failed due to the following node_groups: *** *** *** - appliance. Firmware Versions MR 28 and MX 16 require nodes to be able to contact Meraki's Device to Cloud Connectivity service over TCP port 443. One or more of your Meraki devices are unable to communicate with these new servers. For more information about this upcoming change and how to resolve the connectivity issue, please go to Meraki_Device_to_Cloud_Connectivity_-_FIPS.
This is after a MX67 goes live out of box, same problem appeared yesterday with different device same model, firmware version shipped is: MX16.16
I have 17 more of these devices which will be upgraded from other models, I don't need an immediate firmware upgrade for this device, I just want it to work on my request for all the other installations I'm going to do.
The device i connected 3 days ago fixed its firmware upgrade issue after about 45-60minutes after being connected to internet.
Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Assuming you have consulted and acted upon the included documentation link already, you should raise a case with Meraki Support for this.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Newly created networks will need up to 4 hours of the device being online before it will allow a firmware upgrade to be scheduled. If you need it done sooner Support can force it through if you open a case.

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