Organization topology

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Organization topology

Is there a way to get a full topology for an entire organization? I am struggling with creating a diagram with all our hubs and spokes (100+). Would be able to do it manually but it tends to be quite messy and time consuming. 

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

The automatically created topology is network specific and requires Meraki switches be in the network. You'll need to create your diagram of hubs & spokes manually.

Thanks for letting me know, guess I’ll keep trying to get it done manually then. 

Anyone in here with a template I can get some input from maybe?

We have Visio stencils HERE. Not sure how current or complete they are.


I've switched over to using google slides for all my diagrams nowadays. Not as technical as Visio or Lucidchart for sure. But, it has a simpler and more modern look for how I prefer diagrams to look. Not aware of any templates though. I tend to borrow product icons from here to make my diagrams.  

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