Does removing device from network erase device configs?

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Does removing device from network erase device configs?

From what I've been able to find so far, removing a device from a Network does not default or change any of it's configs.  So if we have an AP broadcasting SSIDs, it's still going to be broadcasting those SSID's even after we remove from the Network.  Which is what we are trying to avoid.  Additionally there's not going to be anyone onsite to hard reset in this scenario.   The only time this will come up is if a customer is no longer going to be using the service.  Often times they leave the equipment plugged in, so we need a way to remove from network and erase configs remotely.  


Is there a way to erase configs via the Dashboard or API call?  I'm not finding a way to do that just yet.  


If there isn't a way to reset remotely via dashboard or API the only other thing I can think of is to set up a "Default" Network that doesn't broadcast any SSIDs, then move it to that network.  Do you have any other ideas on how this can be accomplished?   Essentially the goal is to remove from network and have configs erased so that clients can't see the SSID's broadcasting any longer.  





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Configs belong to a network, not to a device. If you remove a device from a network it does not continue to operate with the config of the network. Removing a device from a network does effectively remove all config from it. 

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As @jdsilva states once you remove a device from a Network it’s gone.  An AP may still advertise an SSID but if any clients join their traffic isn’t going anywhere.


Are you removing the device from the network and Organisation?

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I also had the same question.  Thanks for the reply!

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Default network may be the best solution IMO.  Other ways may leave the device unusable but security purposes changing the config is probably the best.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

From me experience, removing an MR from a network does not stop it advertising its existing SSID.


To get it to reset its config try moving it to another network first.  The APs config will then we overwritten, and then remove it from the network.

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I would be almost certain that it doesn't remove the config and this leads to a small bug (feature?) on the dashboard. If you enable something, for example, Client VPN, and you then untick the Client VPN Box, the Config doesnt go away.


This can cause you some very interesting debug/troubleshooting as the information is not present having been hidden by some lovely CSS! 🙂


Watch out for it, and dont take the Dashboard as 100% honest, as the item causing you trouble could be hidden

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