Default Dashboard View When Logging In


Default Dashboard View When Logging In

When I login to my dashboard, it typically shows me one of my networks (for example, the switch list for one of my networks).  Is there a way that I can set my default view when logging in to be my organization overview (with the table hidden)?  The first thing that I do every time I login to my dashboard is go to Organization - Overview, then click on "Hide Table" so that I can see the geographical overview of my organization.  If I can set this by default, that would be great.  I haven't been able to figure out if this is possible or not.  If it's not possible, I'd love to see this a new feature to the dashboard.

Kind of a big deal

Best I can tell you can bookmark the page with URL ending like /organization/overview#t=network


But the tick box to hide the table will revert.  Depending on what browser you use and prefer there are some hacks via extensions, etc. that can do tricks like this, I think.  I am not intimately familiar with them, but know they exist.  Try searching for "Greasemonkey Firefox" to see what I am referring to.

@RobPritchard  I believe the developers are working on some form of default landing page, no idea when we will see it or how it will look. My hope is its customisable.

As @BlakeRichardson points out I believe there’s some consultations going on around landing page design and experience.


So expect things to change but I don’t know when that change will happen 😀

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