Dashboard Login IP ranges and SAML

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Dashboard Login IP ranges and SAML


I'm trying to understand something with how the "Login IP ranges" works. We have this configured for specific public IP ranges our company has and this used to actual work and anyone not in these ranges could not get to our Dashboard. However we've started using SAML with Azure AD and I've noticed that an Azure Virtual desktop of mine that has a public IP NOT in the "Login IP ranges" can access our Dashboard. 

Does Azure AD and SAML override the "Login IP ranges"? 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

As far as I understand yes SAML with Azure will be white listed automatically if you use it. 

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* "Login IP range" is only applicable to Non-SAML User (Meraki Dashboard Account).

* "Login IP range" does not apply to SAML User (SSO User).


Therefore, control it on the IdP side if necessary.


Organization Settings - Cisco Meraki

> Note: Security Settings do not apply to SAML Administrator accounts.

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