Client Usage Alerts

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Client Usage Alerts

Is it possible to create alerts for excessive client usage?


I am thinking it would be better to remove the bandwidth restrictions and just receive alerts for clients who are bandwidth hoggers.


For example if a clients downloads over 1 GB in an hour an alert email is sent. Or if a client uses a certain restricted web resource such as facebook, again an alert is sent


My motivation for this is to simplify/remove the current traffic shaping. Tell users the network usage rules and then monitor those that disobey the rules.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

One could do network-wide alerting (see I wouldn't know how / where to configure this one for each and every client.


The only thing I could possibly think of currently would be handling this via API.

Thanks, if this does need to be done via API, do you know of a helpful starters guide?



A model citizen

Would love to see this as well.  There is some basic data like this under Organization->Summary Reports, but no way to get proactively alerted on it.  You would need to leverage the asset and write your own automation around it, sadly.

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