Access MV via Meraki App

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Access MV via Meraki App

Does anyone else find accessing MV cameras not as reliable as you would hope when using the App. I find when accessing from my iPhone the connection works fine if the app is fully closed however if I leave the app open and go back into it later on I just getting the loading icon and nothing happens. If I fully close the app and try again when I select the camera straight away it comes up saying "reload' if I click that it works fine until next time. 


The camera and phone are both on the same network so the phone should be accessing the camera directly and not via the cloud. My wife has the exact same issue on her phone. Cameras are running firmware 4.20
Meraki Employee

Are you using Face ID in the mobile app (in settings > account) ? I’ve noticed if I disable it the stream still works when opening the app. With Face ID enabled I get the loading logo and need to exit from the feed and go back to get it working. 

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