Help the community win a contest for communities!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Help the community win a contest for communities!

Hi ya'll!


We run a lot of contests around here - and, every now and then we enter contests too. Help us win!


We are currently entered in the Khoros Kudos contest for communities that use the Khoros platform. We're in the "Small but Mighty" category for having done a lot with a limited team / limited resources. We'd love your vote!


Just go to our entry: and click "Kudo" down towards the bottom. You'll be prompted to create an account, but it's quick & easy. And feel free to leave a comment about how awesome the community is 😄


Thanks, everyone!


- Caroline

Caroline S | Community Manager, Cisco Meraki
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Kind of a big deal

Had no idea I'd see myself in there 🤣@CarolineS Loved the surprise. 

Getting noticed

Kudoed.. Good luck..


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