Brand new here


Brand new here

Hello Guys


My name is Phillip Nape, I am in South Africa and just started working on Meraki, tomorrow I will be doing the online ECMS1 training and am sooo excited. I will probably comeback after studies lol


However I have been working on Cisco as a network Engineer for the past 7 years, this is the beginning of a new journey and am totally excited, I wish to be an expert soonest ...catch you guys later and do take care 

Kind of a big deal

@Phil6 : Welcome to the community, Best of luck for your studies .. 

Inderdeep Singh ( Awarded by Cisco IT Blogs award 2020)
Kind of a big deal

Welcome @Phil6. Your networking knowledge with Cisco devices will serve as a great foundation, but the configuration and operation of Meraki will be brand new. Once you've come to terms with that it will all make a lot more sense. Reach out to the community if you have any questions.

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