... and we're live! Welcome to the new Cisco Meraki Community

Community Manager

We are extremely excited to launch the Cisco Meraki Community, a brand new way for our customers and partners to share knowledge and experience, get help with technical issues, and maybe even show off some swag. We know there's a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm out there in our user base, and we can't wait to bring you all together here in the community.


Thanks to our founding members

badge-founding-memberA lot of work has gone into getting this community up and running; we especially want to thank the customers and partners who joined us during our beta period to get the conversations rolling. If you see a "Founding Member" badge on a fellow community member's profile, it means they've been here since the very beginning. 



Top beta contributors

The seven members below have been particularly helpful in getting our community off the ground! Thanks, guys! Some fun Meraki swag is flying your way.

















What should I do here?

If you'd like to learn more about using the community, check out Getting Started with the Meraki Community


Or, dive right in on our technical discussion boards.


We're looking forward to the conversation.

Building a reputation

Thanks  @CarolineS and thanks Meraki for opening this up and for the opportunity to jump in on the ground floor!

Getting noticed

Yay! Man Very Happy


Congrats to the winners and excellent work CarolineS.

Kind of a big deal

Thanks to @CarolineS for getting this off the ground. Very excited for the future of the community. 

Getting noticed

Thanks to @CarolineS This is going to be a great resource and I am excited to see the community grow into something positive. 

Welcome to the Meraki Community!
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