The results are in! Congratulations to the winners of the WiFi Challenge!

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The results are in! The winners of the WiFi Challenge are...

 🏆 Community Choice Prize 🏆

@PhilipDAth and his fantastically detailed and comprehensive entry win the Community Choice prize, with the most votes from community members!


Congratulations, Philip! Your grab bag of Meraki swag will be arriving shortly (to add to your already large collection :-))


 🏆 Meraki Choice Prize 🏆

@dhatcher also offered a very detailed and thorough entry. He is the winner of the Meraki Choice prize, with the most votes from Meraki employees!


Congratulations, dhatcher! Expect an email from me shortly to confirm your address for your swag prize.


ALL Participants Prize

To thank you all for your thoughtful entries, ALL participants will receive a small prize. Congratulations and thank you, @Adam, @enaknitsuj, @varuncheloor, @CharlesIsWorkin, @RichardChavous, @Kamome, @Jaquino, @Ektifan, @Rudi, @OlivierKONE, and @PFS! Expect an email from me shortly to confirm your address for your prize.



Thank you to everyone who entered this contest AND everyone who voted! Our entire team was very impressed with the entries, and we'll definitely do a scenario-based challenge again.


Feedback & ideas, please!

Since this was our first scenario-based challenge, we'd love feedback. We already know that our initial scenario wasn't detailed enough, as it lacked room-size and ceiling height information. Any further feedback is welcome in the comments here (or via PM to me if you prefer). For example - was the scenario too easy or too hard? Are there other details that would have been helpful? Were our instructions clear enough?


Also — if you have a scenario you'd like the community to solve, please send them to me via PM! Maybe your current workplace challenge (of a Meraki-related, technical variety) can be our next Community Challenge. 😃

Kind of a big deal

 Thank you @CarolineS and everyone else who voted.  That was actually quite a bit of work!

Here to help

Thank you for hosting the challenge and to everyone who competed. I had a lot of fun thinking through the design and putting it together for an entry. Congratulations @PhilipDAth on the community vote!

Kind of a big deal

Well done guys!

Kind of a big deal


Wahoo!  I got my bag of goodies today for winning the community vote for my WiFi design.