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[Submissions closed] Happy New Year! What are your Network Resolutions?

Community Manager

Photo credit: @rickrPhoto credit: @rickrLast year, in our 2018 Network Resolutions contest, this community aspired to install new gear, clean up crazy cables (see photo), get Meraki certified, and even to learn the Meraki API by creating an automated cat door. I know that the cat door project, at least, was completed! (here's the code).


Now it's a new year and time for new resolutions. 


Tell us your 2019 New Year’s Network Resolutions. Three lucky winners will receive some fun Meraki swag!


How to enter

Tell us your Network Resolutions in a comment on this blog post before 12:00pm PST on Thursday (January 10).


How to win

We'll select three entries at random to win a Meraki umbrella — it's a nifty two-layer inverted model, perfect for windy days. (UPDATE: The contest is closed, and the winners have been announced!)


Meraki umbrella - foldedMeraki umbrella - folded

Meraki umbrella - unfoldedMeraki umbrella - unfolded


Good Luck! 🎉  🎇  🎆  🌟




The Fine Print

  • Limit one entry per community member 
  • Submission period: Monday, January 7, 2019 at 4pm PST through Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 12:00 PST
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here.
Here to help


store template.jpgMy goal is to begin using the templating feature.  My plan is to complete building the template and then travel to all of my branches, make the physical changes to the firewalls, deploy the template and then sit back and enjoy how easy it will be to make network and security policy changes to all of my locations. 


Simple Network Goal,


Replace a local retail store switch to a new MS350 and add devices to the Dashboard and watch the topology form .

Learn more on the Meraki SD LAN architecture..

Comes here often

Study for my CCNA, and also learn more about Meraki products! 🙂

Here to help

We have ~160 sites that are full stack Meraki implementations.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to roll out using templates early on because of some limitation on specifying IP schema and other issues.  Because of this, we have to clone and existing site and modify.  This give us little centralized control for mass deploying changes (especially firewall rules)

This year I hope to migrate to templates for MX appliances.


The goal are to get CMNA certified,

And win a Meraki gnome this year 😉

Here to help

My Meraki new year resolution - I will not sell or recommend Meraki MX until following features are implemented by Meraki;

  • Non Meraki peer S2S VPN - NAT Traversal, choose WAN uplink IP,  disable/enable a VPN tunnel
  • Firewall rules - create and select object hosts
  • NAT - source NAT/outbound NAT available
Getting noticed

So far it's

1} Start deployment of Meraki switches at other branches (all have an MX w/MRs or a Z1) for more in depth management.

2) Try to test out an MV if possible as we need cameras.

3) Use the newly deployed MS's to connect up our new Cisco WebEx Teams phones (two part project - deploy PoE switches and then the PoE phones!).

4) Somewhere fit in more time for the community here.

Getting noticed

My Meraki new year goal:

1. setup some Meraki combined networks for the customers

2. Try MX SD-WAN solution

3. Try to become Meraki expert

4. persuade more customers to migrate from catalyst network to meraki


The goal this year is to get the Meraki360 Certification !

Just browsing

1. Consolidate 4 separate MDF's inside 5 million+ square foot of caves into single single MDF with 2 MX250's and install/tie-in fiber using MS410.

2. Wireless survey and deployments to our existing 30+ warehouses 

3. Integrate and roll out AD

4. Deploy vMX 

5. Setup and launch 10+ more sites this year

6. Take an actual lunch at least once a week

7. Vacation, time permittingCaves.jpg


I wish I would have posted something last year, because 2018 was the year to rip and replace all the things!  We did a full stack replacement in the fall/early winter after months of planning.


For 2019, I'd like to...

  • Understand WiFi spectrum better for a more efficient wireless network (specifically 5 GHz)
  • Learn the API so I can adjust network settings automatically when failing over from 10Gb primary link to 25Mb satellite.
  • Pull fiber to 2 remaining buildings still on a wireless backhaul
  • Decommission remaining Windows 7 machines (which are easy to hunt down in the dashboard)
  • Get back to using my camera gear more often

Hello ,


Already pass the CCNA Wireless
soon become CCIE Wireless certified
Try to become Meraki expert

Here to help

Happy New Year All.


This year started with Meraki Deployment, I have done a Meraki Project for one of our child company in India, Replaced Firewall, Routers and Switches with MX & MS. We are really happy that now its became completely Meraki Workshop in India as well.




2019 will be the year to rip out a lot of old wireless infrastructure and replace with Meraki.  Expect to replace gear at around 20 or more branch offices.


2019 goals:

  1. refresh my CCMA
  2. unpack my Meraki hardware and utilize it in my home network (recently moved)
  3. implement security into my home network
    1. not only with my Security Appliance but implement a home security system
  4. continue to recommend Meraki hardware to clients
  5. continue to improve my knowledge of all Meraki hardware


Community Manager

The contest is now closed — thanks to everyone for the fun and inspiring responses. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

Community Manager

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! Here's the announcement.