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[Submissions closed] Happy New Year! What are your Network Resolutions?

Community Manager

Photo credit: @rickrPhoto credit: @rickrLast year, in our 2018 Network Resolutions contest, this community aspired to install new gear, clean up crazy cables (see photo), get Meraki certified, and even to learn the Meraki API by creating an automated cat door. I know that the cat door project, at least, was completed! (here's the code).


Now it's a new year and time for new resolutions. 


Tell us your 2019 New Year’s Network Resolutions. Three lucky winners will receive some fun Meraki swag!


How to enter

Tell us your Network Resolutions in a comment on this blog post before 12:00pm PST on Thursday (January 10).


How to win

We'll select three entries at random to win a Meraki umbrella — it's a nifty two-layer inverted model, perfect for windy days. (UPDATE: The contest is closed, and the winners have been announced!)


Meraki umbrella - foldedMeraki umbrella - folded

Meraki umbrella - unfoldedMeraki umbrella - unfolded


Good Luck! 🎉  🎇  🎆  🌟




The Fine Print

  • Limit one entry per community member 
  • Submission period: Monday, January 7, 2019 at 4pm PST through Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 12:00 PST
  • Complete rules and eligibility can be found here.
Comes here often



  • Migrate all switching hardware from Extreme Networks to Meraki
  • Migrate all wireless hardware from Aerohive Networks to Meraki
Getting noticed
  • Complete my initial Cisco/Meraki Express certifications
  • Get my Z3C Teleworker set up at home, replacing the tired SonicWALL TZ100 we've had for years
  • Use that to justify increasing our home cable connection bandwidth, since the gateway will be able to handle it
  • Stream ALL THE THINGS!
  • Update the non-Meraki site tunnel to work (different organizations...  Smiley Frustrated  work can't have my Z3C!   Smiley Very Happy  )
  • Update Python to current on the home Alphastation DS10  (running OpenVMS) and work's OpenVMS Integrity servers
  • Use said Python to see if I can get the Dashboard API to work via this unlikely, but endlessly awesome platform.
  • If it works, set up our work VMSCluster to do the Meraki monitoring so we're not depending on some silly PC  (monitoring platform should be as or more reliable than the objects being monitored)   (*)


(*) subject to available period of time when silly PCs don't break down for long enough to allow said work to occur... this is rare.


Getting noticed

Apparently my goal this year is to move ALL our servers up to Azure, because the cloud makes all worries go away and will instantly solve all of our problems (according to upper management).

My resolution is to be prepared to fix issues that arise and swiftly pass the blame on to those above me in non-IT roles when things don't work out.


Luckily all our sites are set up with MX-84 HA pairs, we jumped on the SD-[b]WAN[dwagon] a couple years back and the vMX is functioning already in Azure, so we have a solid base.

Meraki Employee

2019 Network Resolutions


- Create cleaner lab setups when providing trainings 

- Review network fundamentals (CCNA, CCNP)

- Continue studying Meraki networking technology 

Getting noticed
  1. Integrate Active Directory for our new shiny domain
  2. Train interested users to assist in certain house keeping (one person shop here)
  3. Accumulate as much Meraki swag as possible while spreading the good gospel of the Meraki Solution
  4. Shamelessly plug the below picture from a bar in VarnaMeraki Bar.jpg
  1. Become a Certified Meraki Networking Associate
  2. See #1.
Comes here often

I have a few small projects coming up, but beyond that lets be honest, with Meraki alerting enabled there's no need to babysit the network. I guess that leaves me with one real resolution - Sit back, relax, and put on some Meraki swag!


meraki socks.jpg

New here

I aim to get my CCNA

Just browsing

to become a platinum reseller for Meraki

to become cissp certified

to get cisco cyber secirity certified


Getting noticed

gotta visit the Meraki Headquarters!  Also add flash to storage...

Here to help

Do all the projects on the table and get burned out by July. I will take my umbrella now, thanks.

New here

My New Years' resolutions are to:


- Actually play a round of golf this year

- Replace my MX60 with something faster

- Attend Meraki Bootcamp


Here to help

I'm not a programmer, nor a web engineer, I am a die hard network engineer. In 2019 I want to deploy and manage my clients via API.  I've already started working with, and teaching myself postman, using get API calls to pull information, and put changes.  I've been all over, and  I want to soon put these disparate API skills I learned into a full deployment and management set, this will literally reduce my costs for client deployments, and increase revenue on each deployment project.  This will also help this dinosaur of a network engineer to freshen my skill set and capabilities.



Comes here often

Network Segmentation



Obviously with MERAKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My New year resolution includes:


Leveraging Meraki Training and tools for more in depth knowledge of Meraki.


Get my MBA with emphasis in Security.


Get my CISSP certification.


Here to help

 1. When we moved into our new building this past year the data/cabling vendor just mounted our Meraki APs willy nilly and some of them are in less than desirable spots (photos for reference). Some of them are mounted into our concrete ceilings. A project this year for me will be to go around and relocate those APs to areas where they achieve better signal propagation. It won't be easy because I have to deal with the concrete but, I'm confident I can do it 🙂


2. Become a CWNA


3. Dig in more on RF characteristics and math to make troubleshooting wireless networks easier (hopefully)








Well, since we cleaned up the switch racks for the last two years of resolutions while Merakifying our network:ES Main Before.jpg

ES Main After.jpg


I am resolving to:

1. Complete the Merakification of our switching infrastructure

2. Explore wireless outdoors MV solutions to tough security situations

3. Get better firewall redundancy since it is so easy

4. Better understand System Manager capabilities


Comes here often

2019 New Year’s Meraki Network Resolutions


  • Create a few more wish list items in the Meraki portal (someday I will come up with something good).
  • Talk more peers into using Meraki in office scenarios (maybe Meraki will start a referral program that will help me do this more).
  • Test and try stacking switches. (haven't tried but have not had a need to yet)
  • Wear the Meraki socks that a friend gave me for Christmas.
Head in the Cloud

- doing the CMNO tomorrow

- as we have about 300 MR in stock, get them into our retail stores 

- swap the last Cisco routers with Merakis

- doing documentation’s 😓 😞

- get more sleep

- earn more money 😛


Update: Passed CMNO, can recommend it to everybody. Learned something.

Kind of a big deal

My goals:

  1. Get better at writing Pythonic scripts for Dashboard API.
  2. Explore Ansible for API use for my coworkers who don't want to program but do want to automate.
  3. Knock out a CCNA Wireless.
  4. Start working on CCNP Security. I don't know who I am if I'm not studying, what can I say?