Sherlock Gnolmes Saves Switchmas

Community Manager

Finally, the mischief, mystery, and mayhem of the past few days have come to an end. Our super sleuths, MX gnome and MV gnome, uncovered the motivation for the week’s thefts: our Switchmas tree was not adorned with presents! Of course! MS and AP gnomes just wanted to help, so they went around “borrowing” things to put under the tree:


O, Switchmas tree, O, Switchmas tree!O, Switchmas tree, O, Switchmas tree!


Much to everyone’s immense relief, now that they’ve helped decorate the Switchmas tree, the ne’er-do-wells have finally settled contentedly back into their gnome routines of frolicking, pestering, loitering in gardens, etc. 


A huge thanks to everyone who helped track down the missing items around the community and congrats to our challenge winners of the week @BrechtSchamp@ww, and @bdzent



A merry Switchmas to all!

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