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Love shown! Congrats to the winners!

Community Manager



Thank you all for showing some love to your fellow community members! We loved this contest!


And now, the winners! Drum rolll....


@GregCrider and his love for the Cage Nuts thread!




 Which means that:

All win a Meraki mini-fridge! Expect an email from me soon to confirm your shipping address.


fridge.pngMeraki mini fridge (with car adapter!)

Congratulations! Many thanks to everyone who participated!

Head in the Cloud

Congrats all, those fridges are bad ass. Nice and handy to keep a couple of cold ones close Smiley Wink

Kind of a big deal

Thank you!

Head in the Cloud

I am most grateful, and looking forward to receiving mine. Greatly relieved that it doesn't require thermal paste . . . (or RGB lighting)


Thanks!  I never get chosen for these contest.  It really made my day!

Kind of a big deal

I elected not to get the fridge since I was lucky enough to already have one.  Instead I went for ... a Meraki Hawaiian shirt.  Thanks very much.  Smiley Happy




Head in the Cloud

Delighted to say that my fridge arrived safely.

I now have the excuse I needed to go and get some bottles of (overstrength) Belgian beer, as it comes in a bottle of the right size to fit the interior space (the exterior size is 7U)


Thanks everybody