Community update: Solutions are now easier to find

Community Manager

Little community enhancement for ya'll before you begin your holiday weekend (at least, it's a holiday weekend in the US, for some of us...). Hopefully, you're already enjoying a cold one (or non-alcoholic equivalent 🙂 ), far away from your computer, and you don't read this until Tuesday. 🍻


Without further ado...  


Sometimes, the solution to a thread here on the community can be pretty buried. For example, on the WPA2 Vulnerabilities, "KRACK", VU#228519 thread, the reply that's marked as the solution is something like the 28th reply (if my quick count is correct) - that's a lot of content to wade through!


Hoping to make the info here a bit more efficient to access, we've just launched a small enhancement to show the accepted solution right at the top of all the replies (and also in-context within the thread), as shown in the screenshot below:




We hope this is helpful! Let us know what you think!


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