Have you seen the Gnome? (UPDATE: He has been FOUND!)

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This morning, I found the Gnome hanging out with the white board cleaner...




But now I can't find him. I think he got lost somewhere on the community.


If you find him, reply to the post that he's hiding in with "I FOUND THE GNOME!" — the first to reply will get their own Meraki gnome as a token of appreciation for finding our small friend.


Thanks, ya'll!


(Curious to learn more about the Gnome? Read this!)



Terms, conditions, and eligibility info for "Gnome in the Home"

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THE GNOME HAS BEEN FOUND!! Thanks, @jlandky!


Here's the post where he was found, in case anyone is curious: https://community.meraki.com/t5/Switching/New-BETA-Feature-L3-Topology-View/m-p/5960/highlight/true#...


He has been returned to his rightful spot on my desk. Hooray! Hopefully he'll stay put this time...




Kind of a big deal

He's a gnome on his gnomio - he's looking for an appropriate buddy (its SF - no gender assumptions)




RE: With Remote Live Tools on Meraki Dashboard 

"I FOUND THE GNOME" hidden in the Meraki community! 



 I would like to attempt to win the Meraki Gnome.

Thank you.


Best Regards.

Francesca, CMNA


Kind of a big deal

I've found the gnome (top left) ;-[]



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@Uberseehandel - ha! Love your new profile pic!


@Francesca - He's still here on my desk this morning, but I anticipate an escape this afternoon!