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Gnomes, reunited

Community Manager

What a week! Hunting for our gnome has kept me rather busy. I really hope I can convince him to stay put — tomorrow morning after the Meraki SF holiday party, I’m sure I won’t be in the mood for gnome-hunting.


So, after @Welles found the gnome lounging in a post about summary reports, I returned him to my desk yet again.


But... when I got back from lunch, my coworker alerted me to a strange situation in the snack kitchen:




That’s when it hit me! Our switch gnome is LONELY! He was just looking for his friends all along. 




Now that MX gnome and MR gnome are around to keep Switch company, I bet he'll stay a little closer to home.


Ta-ta for now!

Building a reputation

When will a Camera, Phone and MDM Gnome arrive? 

Community Manager

I wish I knew...

Kind of a big deal

@Welles they are mythical creatures so mythical Camera, Phone and MDM maybe?

Kind of a big deal

Do these Gnomes have southern hemisphere cousins? Would love to have one on my desk in NZ

Kind of a big deal

Image result for Summer Gnome

Building a reputation

Nice! @CarolineS



Community Manager

@Welles - hooray! Glad we finally resolved the gnome-sending saga to complete your collection.


The Epic Saga of Sending Welles a Gnome

by CarolineS


Once upon a time, there was a gnome. The gnome lived in a nice place called Meraki HQ.




One day, he decided to leave Meraki HQ to explore the IT forests in the Meraki Community.


A kindly man named @Welles found him. Welles was very excited to find him, because Welles already provided a comfortable home for several other gnomes.




The gnome wanted to go visit Welles in order to see his brothers. He asked the friendly lady at Meraki HQ to send him to Welles' desk.


However, the trip in the mail was rough. The gnome did not enjoy it!




Luckily, the gnome had a bit of backup at Meraki HQ, and again he was sent through the mail. This time, he was well-protected.




 However - one of his brothers had snuck into the package! Clever MR gnome had made the trip instead!




Welles already had an MR gnome, and, while he was happy to provide a home for this new MR gnome, he really wanted a yellow switch gnome. So the lady back at Meraki HQ tried again.


This time, switch gnome arrived at Welles' desk unbroken. Hooray! Switch gnome loves his new home, and he is happy to be with his brothers just in time for the holidays! 




The End.