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First Post Month — Announcing the week 2 winners

Community Manager



It's time for our second weekly First Post Month sock drawings!


Last week, we had a fantastic 71 first-time posters. Thanks for jumping right in, everyone!


And now... who will win the socks? Drum roll...


Without further ado, in no particular order...






... have each won a pair of Meraki argyle socks!




Each of you — be on the lookout for an email from me to confirm your shipping address.



We still have two more weeks of First Post Month drawings, so stay tuned for the next winners a week from today!




Kind of a big deal

Congrats winners.  You'll now be stylish. 

Community Manager

I'm hoping for some pictures of those stylish socks! Post 'em here!

Kind of a big deal

This is my first post in this thread. Does that count?

Community Manager

Maybe we will have 3k Post Month soon, @PhilipDAth!

Getting noticed

I have some amazingly disgusting legs, (well that what my kids say) that they say need to be covered up, there is no better way to do this than to use Meraki Socks - The threat is no socks and I may have to post an image of my legs here........... 🙂