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It's First Post MONTH! All first-time posters are eligible to win!

Community Manager



We had such a great time with First Post Week back in April that we thought we'd do it again — this time, for a whole month!


We hereby declare: June, 2018 is First Post Month on the Meraki Community


Everyone who posts for the first time during the month of June will be entered into a drawing for Meraki socks (picture below). We’ll be giving away four pairs each week, so your chances of winning are high.


New topics, replies to topics, and comments on blogs all count as posts!  All we ask is that your content follows our community guidelines (which basically boil down to: be respectful & relevant).


Here are some easy ways to get started:


Also, if you're not eligible for this contest because you have already posted: never fear. There will be plenty more opportunities to win swag here on the Meraki Community. Just keep an eye on (or even subscribe to) this blog.


Happy Posting!









The fine print:

  • Community members who post for the first time between 12am PDT on Friday, June 1 and 11:59pm on Saturday, June 30 are eligible
  • One entry per eligible community member
  • See the full terms, conditions, and eligibility info
Kind of a big deal

FACT: Your Meraki network knowledge doubles while wearing these socks. 

Community Manager

And... @mzmalik is the first first-time poster in First Post Month! Stay tuned for our first weekly sock drawing a week from Monday (June 11), @mzmalik!

Community Manager

A couple more first-time posters - welcome to the Community, folks! @jrich@BradleyL@Duoc

Community Manager

And more! (don't worry, I won't keep these announcements up all month... :-)) - Congratulations, @AlexanderDrago and @Fuji, for making your first posts! 


Thanks for the welcome @CarolineS! Those socks do look sweet. 🙂

Community Manager

It's Monday! I'm having fun announcing all of the first-time posters, so I'll keep it up a while longer. Welcome, @jc_rm@Stephen88, @woz, @Jason_B, @CJaritwong, @salimhurjuk, @fraya, @Complit, @Phil1, @TimL, and @tim829! Thanks for joining us, and stay tuned for our first First Post Month sock drawing on Monday (June 11).


In the meantime, ya'll should update your profile pictures! We have too many rocketships, planets, and stars here on the Community. (To update your profile picture, go to your profile by clicking on your name here in this comment, then hit the little "edit" icon in the upper-right corner of your current picture & follow the prompts).



Community Manager
Community Manager

Just announced the winners of our first weekly drawing: - Congrats!

Here to help

Seems i posted to early to receive this loot. 😉


Meraki Gaiters of Enlightenment (Legendary)

  • +1 Charisma
  • +1 Intelligence

Adds 2 Points to "Meraki Networking"


Is there a Set Bonus, what other Items might be dropped?

New here

Am I late again 😞

Community Manager

@Fatchops You’re right on time! We will do our second weekly drawing on Monday!


Hi, everyone!

Comes here often

Look forward to this.  I received my CMNO certificate this week and busted out my original Meraki shirt and socks at work just to ensure everyone knew I passed the exam!   Now these socks are an upgrade over the ones I have.   Count me in!

Community Manager

We just announced the Week 2 winners. (Sorry, @Fatchops, @CLambert1, and @Gamecock — your names didn't come out of the hat 🎩 - but stick around here for a while and you're sure to win something!)